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Our main website is down. Today we're going to show you how to install mspy on a symbian phoneLet's do it step by step. Click on that to open the downloaded fileAnd the installation process will start automaticallyOnce you're done with the installationYou'll get an IMEI code of the target phoneMeaning it has successfully finished installing mSpy. Press 'okay'And hide the pop up windowNow go and restart the phoneNow we're going to restart the phoneA full reboot of the device by switching if off and back on.

It is a must for mspy to start working properly.

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Once it's done you will then need to go to the online wizardAnd click the proceed buttonAt the end of the guide and you'll be brought to the next step of the installation. There you will find a USSD code that you'll need to use on the target symbian phone toget it registered on our tracking system.

It's now turning back on and asking for the PIN codeLet's put it in. Now we're going to register the smartphone by dialing the USSD code that will be availableon the next page of the installation wizard.

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Let's go to the home touch screen, to put in our code. Now it's getting connected to our tracking systemLet's wait.

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Once you're done,Go back to your online wizard to hit the green proceed buttonAnd you'll be brought to the phone management section showing you the current information about your target phone. Your phone is now being monitored!

Can my employer monitor my employer-provided mobile phone.. There is nothing that would make a dirt-cheap Android AdamBoy64, 31 Jan Yes, it makes you wonder.

Spy message mobile nokia X

If they kill off S40, that would be.. In my mind, a massi There is nothing that would make a dirt-cheap Android any less reliable than the obsolete S40 both in hardware and software. Keep in mind something that the Chinese Huawei already figured out with their Y, as hardware evolves you start reaching a point where computing power becomes cheap and readily accessible even at entry level. Translation: We've reached a point in hardware evolution where the new low-end and dirt cheap SoCs are already good enough to power a decent smartphone one that is similar to a mid-ranger from a year or two ago.

Anonymous, 30 Jan why microsoft allowing this to become reality In my mind, a massive mistake. A low-end Android device won't be anywhere near as reliable as an S40 device. Maybe getting rid of S40 would just be about cutting development costs, I don't know.

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Such a waste of time I I'll be doing the same if it gets to my country. I am sure it is Asha based handset with support for Android apps also. Such a waste of time I kept so many hopes on it